Management / Organisational Development

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Craig Consulting has been evolving the range of it's experience and delivery in the Management / organisational development field.   Our associates have complimentary skill sets which enables us to design the tailored solution for the needs of the organisation and individuals within it.

Recent projects have included -

- Designing a development programme for an Oil companies Offshore Management and Supervisory team and then delivering a series of 2 Day programmes - facilitating team building and organsiational learning.
Profiling a management team in an organisation of professionals and designing interpersonal development programme including 1 day facilitated learning and follow-up coaching.
- Designing a SOFT SKILLS development programme as part of an overall Management Development programme for Supervisory to Senior Managers in a muti national Service Organisation.
- Profiling the Top Team of a multi national Marine Services organisation, reviewing organisational profile, providing a report with recommendations for change, inlcuding an overall Training Matrix / plan for team and indiviual development and providing Coaching to senior executives. 
- Coaching Training for Managers & Supervisors in a multi-national Engineeering Company - to facilitate knowledge transfer to over age gap in the organisation. 

Having specialist capability with Psychometrics we are able to combine self and organsiatoinal awareness with leadership and managment tools / material to facilitate the learning / development objective of the client.

A Development Programme within an organisatoin can be for a team/s, for an individual/s or both.   We are experienced in providing different forms of intervention - such as
- Executive Coaching
- Top Team Development
- Team Building
- Individual mentoring amongst others.

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