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John Craig, MAC  is a Member of the Association for Coaching (AC), an accredited Coach trained in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.    Although more recently focusing on using his softer skills he is an experienced senior executive with a great deal of practical operational, commercial, general and exectuve board exposure.   This was originally acquired in the Oil & Gas industry but latterly through consultancy across a range of private sector industries as well as in the public sector.

Craig Consulting has a track record in providing successful coaching interventions in the exectuive / management environment and has developed an Associate team who are AC members and accredited coaches.    We are experienced in offering professional coaching support to organisations and individuals to match individual needs.  

Coaching is however an evolving discipline and because of its generic application can be used to support individuals in a range of differing situations including performance, career and life style etc.

'Talent Management' is very much a present issue for most organisations and coaching can be a critical support to developing talent / +ve performance / Career Management within an organisation.   It provides a focussed individual way to increase self-awareness, build upon strengths, help grow talent and to improve leadership / management skills within an organisation.

We have found from experience that Executive Coaching can provide real business benefits, but keep in mind -
- It requires a Coach who can build rapport with the individual. With our Associate Coaches we are able to match our Coaches as carefully as possible; they have considerable experience and understanding of the process and some are NLP trained
- Coaching is about providing feedback in a positive way to help develop self awareness and responsibility.
- For feedback we may use psychometrics such as Assessor (inc.equiv.MBTI) or OPQ alongside 360 feedback, or use the Potentia System as well as other tools that will help in the learning and development of the individual.
- We often use the G-R-O-W model which we have found to be effective.
- We look to support individuals to go at their prefered pace, exploring and improving their performance in their own individual context.

This can generally be managed however within a set number of structured sessions and we have found using a coaching contract helps in gaining individual commitment.

If you would like to know more please go to the CC contact us page and let us know. We look forward to being of support

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