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Psychometrics and other assessment tools and processes are being used more extensively by organisations which appreciate the value they can offer in helping them to take more informed decisions about people.  

We are very experienced in using psychometrics, 360 feedback questionnaires and benchmarking instruments for -
          - Executive Coaching and Development
          - Talent Management
          - Selection and Recruitment 
          - Career Counselling.

As BPS Level A & B qualified users of psychometrics over a number of years we are able to select the appropriate questionnaire for your application and in most cases can provide the service over the Internet.   Within our consultancy team we are trained in a number of different types of psychometric including:

Assessor (Selby Mills)  – Internationaly well established and now the most frequently used online questionnaire uniquely providing multi-test reports from one 25 minutes online session.    Occupationally based, the output can include reports on -  Personality reports ie Type, Relationship and Values, Behavioural Competencies, Emotional Intelligence and the recently developed Safety Behaviours report.  This psychometric can be used for both development and selection purposes.

OPQ (SHL) – This psychometric is capable of both manual and internet delivery with a range of reports suited for development and selection.

MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator best used in a development context.

15FP /16PF – both developmental and selection applications.

Additionally we have experience in using a number of Ability Tests and Aptitude questionnaires, both manual and online which have a particular application in a selection environment.

For larger projects we have experience in setting up and running Assessment Centres or in undertaking Attitude Surveys.

We are accredited users of the Potentia System, a unique benchmarking / calibration instrument which provides unique insight for senior appointments, succession planning, rebalance/restructure of the Top Team, designing development plans for high potential managers or new graduate recruitment.

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